Walking Healed Companion Study

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Walking Healed is a journey. Life is a journey. None of us have done it before. We choose to walk in healing, forgiveness, grace, hope, and our purpose daily. Therefore, we're all just muddling through life trying to figure out how to get through it with as few bumps and bruises as possible. 

Nevertheless, everyone has an issue or several issues to deal with on a daily basis. Whether you struggle with depression, addiction, oppression, anxiety, illness or disease, or abuse, none is bigger or less important than another. What does matter is that you have a God who loves you dearly and never meant for you to carry this alone. 

Shelley Wilburn knows and understands a life lived in the "black hole" of depression and intimidation. She suffered it for over forty years. She also knows what it's like when God heals you from it all, taking you on a wonderful journey of walking healed. 

In the Walking Healed Companion Study, Shelley uses God's word (the Bible) and her book Walking Healed and walks you through five weeks of healing, forgiveness, grace, hope, and finding your purpose. Each section will bring you closer in your relationship with God while also utilizing healing, forgiveness, grace, hope, and purpose in your own walk. Don't bother to buckle up for this adventure. You'll want to be free to move around and find each of these five treasures for your personal walking healed journey. 

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