About Us

Together We Make a Framily

Framily 2017

We are just two broke girls trying to make a dream come true. It has been laid on our hearts for quite some time to start Southern Illinois Mercantile Company. From the very beginning God has definitely given us a vision far beyond our bank account.  Unlike a traditional career endeavor we don't plan to get rich, from a monetary stand point at least. We figure slow and steady wins the race, that is exactly what we have set our sites on. Winning our race.

When our friendship started a few years ago it appeared we were very different people. One was a stay at home mother and educator, the other was pursing a path in accounting and business. One had relocated from the largest metropolitan area of Texas and the other hadn't ventured far from her home county.  However, as our friendship has progressed we find we "are cut from the same cloth." We are twins separated by time. It didn't take long for our friendship to turn framily [Friend-Family]. It didn't take long for one of us to have a mad fit and the other one to shout, just stop it now. Nor did it take long for arms to reach out in love and acceptance when one of us had lost their mind. We laugh, we cry, yell and throw fits. Most importantly "we don't work, we make messes." We love and show acceptance and dream as big as the eye can see. We jump in faith and pray that God leads us some place great.

Our vision is to show you that life is so much more, to visit with you and extend a hand when you need it, to keep God first in all of our mess. We see a future where you don't just want to shop our "stuff", but want to come hear what we've gotten ourselves into. We want to extend our friendship and to let God's grace pour out to you. I think you will find once you meet us and growth with us on this journey that you too hold the keys to unlocking so much more in life.

So browse around or drop us a line. We wish you well and pray that God blesses you.


With all our love,

Tanya & Ellen

Owners, Operators, Vision Extraordinaires