Seaside Change by T. W. Allgaier
Seaside Change by T. W. Allgaier

Seaside Change by T. W. Allgaier

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A Novella with Companion 30-Day Devotional and Discussion Guide, this "3-in-1" book will encourage you with God's creation, scripture and thought provoking questions. 

Can God use the sea to heal, bring peace and beauty to a family in shambles? Do you need to be reminded of his love in the midst of your circumstances?

Susan has to grow up quickly. Her parents' marriage is a wreck. As the eldest child, she takes personal responsibility for everyone in her family. She is not interested in love, or in a God who says He is love. 

Julia, Jeff and Brad experience the crazy circumstance life sometimes brings. Can they survive the trials?

The Father will us his very creation to bring healing to the loves of His children. Allow His love to infiltrate your life and recognize your identity in Him with this unique book.  



T.W. Allgaier writes from her heart. She truly believes encouraging others in their daily lives is what she is to do on this earth. She shares many aspects of her life and struggles in the hope of helping people with their trials. She has written several short magazine articles, devotions for a Ukrainian magazine and maintained a blog for several years. She taught special needs students for fifteen years and homeschooled their two sons for ten years. She has been a volunteer, an Assistant Director of a crisis pregnancy cener and not serves as a board member. She has taught bible studies, and has been a speaker at several conferences. She has also worked as a radio announcer for a local contemporary Christian radio station for several years. For more information and to stay up to date with all of the latest visit her website (Here) and social media (Here). 

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