"A Little Bit of Heaven" By James T. Carrier

"A Little Bit of Heaven" By James T. Carrier

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This book in an informational history of a coal mining village and its people. It gives a history of the people's struggle to obtain food and stay alive during the Great Depression of the 1930's with emphasis on this writer's family. Information is given on how this village originated or came to be. It also gives a short history of the Peabody Coal Company Mine No 18, without which this village would not have existed. 

The reader is given information on the temperament of the people; their values and their ways of living. Information is also given on their institutions; their leisure time activities and the hardships that they endured. 

It is said that this rural mining village was hit by three disasters--the Tornado of 1925, the Mine Explosion of 1928, and the Great Depression of the 1930's. These writings contain historical details on all three of these disasters as they related to the citizens of the Deering/Caldwell area. 

It is hoped that, after reading this book, the reader will have a better understanding of poverty in the thirties as well as an understanding of what it was like living in a coal mining camp. 

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