Cold Blooded: Cold Brew (Growlers)

Cold Blooded: Cold Brew (Growlers)

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Deliveries for Growlers are currently Weds-Friday ONLY.  Orders can be made at any time, however, if they are made past 3 pm or on a non-delivery day they will be scheduled for delivery on the next available delivery date. Deliveries are typically made between 9-11 am. Delivery area includes: Murphysboro, Carbondale, Carterville, Herrin/Energy, & Marion. If you are outside of this delivery area please contact the shop at (877) 257-6372 ext. 700 prior to placing your order. 

Exchange Policy:

In order to receive "Exchange Growler" pricing you must present an empty growler at time of purchase/pick up, otherwise the order must be made under a new growler purchase. Exchanges MUST be made at time of order and will not be refunded upon receiving the New Growler. Growlers will not be re-purchased at any time. 

Product Description:

Growlers are 64 fl oz, glass. Please keep refrigerated. Cold brew may also be heated to a preferred drinking temperature of choice.