Why Choose the Merc?

Who We Help

  1. People who just love making items or products, whether as a hobby or something to pass the time. Typically these people have accumulated a large stock pile. 
  2. People who specifically make items or products to sell and are looking for an additional platform, market or demographic. 
  3. People who don't want to deal with the hassle of custom orders or customer requests. 
  4. People who don't know how to price their items for sale. 
  5. People who don't know or have the time to manage an online store.
  6. People who are technologically challenged. 


What We Do

  1. We provide a brick and mortar store to showcase your items in, where customers can come in and physically see your products during stated business hours. This also allows you to drop off custom orders and the customer can pick up without the hassle of arranging schedules or locations
  2. We digitally photograph every item within our shop. 
  3. We assign barcodes to every item to ensure trackability. 
  4. We facilitate the sale to the customer including credit card processing. 
  5. We collect sales tax and remit to the State of Illinois. 
  6. We give assistance and guidance related to costing material, establishing selling prices, product suggestions and tweaks and packaging. 
  7. We provide a fully functioning website platform to showcase AND sell your items or products online. 
  8. We facilitate packaging and shipping items direct to the customer, regardless of size or territory. 
  9. We provide summerized sales receipts and statement of account upon issuing sales checks at the close of the month. 
  10. We provide the availability of a specific login section to track your sales and potential payouts of products during any portion of the month.
  11. We provide your customers with quality gift bagging or packaging if necessary & at no additional cost to the showcaser or customer.
  12. We utilize all our showcasers in order to maximize sales potentials of products. This occurs based off of fluid integration, as to not seem unappealing with segregated booths. 
  13. We place, display and rearrange items on the sales floor, so there is no need to maintain a booth or area. 
  14. We provide ALL of the services to you listed above without the need to pay upfront rental fees.