Showcase Vendors FAQs

Q: How will you keep track of my items?

A: All items are entered into our shop system. This allows for your items to be assigned a barcode for in-store tracking as well as an electronic tracking to insure a more accurate reporting system.  


Q: How are payouts issued?

A: Payouts are typically available for pick-up 5 business days after the close of the month. At this time they are issued by check and unless requested otherwise a check is issued only after the consignor account has reached $25. In the event a consignor account has not reached $25 then the payout will roll over to the next month. 


Q: How do I know what items are being paid out?

A: At the end of every payout period you will receive a receipt summary and a statement of account. Vendor Receipts are printed regardless of the dollar amount of the sales. If the sales proceeds have been rolled to the next month then the current month will be put in with next months printouts.


Q: Should I come get my seasonal items?

A: No, we prefer that you leave them in the shop as we have allocated time and money into assigning numbers, pricing and getting them in our retail system. We will store them appropriately in company issued containers. Please understand that unless your items are sold we have no way of recouping our costs associated with showcasing your items. Removing items from the shop prior to selling the item may result in a fee due to the shop. If a fee is charged you will be notified in writing prior to taking the fee from the next available sales. 


Q: I am supposed to report sales tax, do I include sales on the vendor receipt you provide?

A: No, Sales Tax is simply agreeing to collect tax from the customer. Since we are facilitating the sale we collect the tax to the customer. If you include the sales into your filing (with regards to sales tax filing) then you will be required to pay the sales tax associated. We submit the sales tax directly to the state of Illinois and do not pass that along to you to report.


Q:Can I run a sale on my items?

A: Yes, in fact we encourage it. However, because our prices are so affordable we believe it may be harmful to run sales regularly, but it may be necessary in order to move past season/holiday products.