FAQs of New Vendors

Q: When do you accept new showcase Vendors?

A: We are always accepting showcase vendors. However, due to the large number of inquires we request you complete the Vendor Showcasing Application (Click Here). We no longer schedule New Vendor meetings to view products without an approved application. 


Q: Do you purchase my items?

A: No, we house the items & facilitate the sale to the customer. You retain ownership of your products, until purchased by the customer.

Q: Do I have to pay a fee to showcase?

A: No, There is no required monthly fee for having your items showcased.

Q: If you don’t collect a fee how do you make money?

A: We collect an agreed upon percentage of the sale made. All sales percentages are confidential and are determined on a case by case basis.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

A: Yes, a contract is required in order to showcase at SIMC. However, the contract is designed to help provide a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties.

Q: Is there a product limit in your shop?

A: No, we try to facilitate all showcasers. We can’t sell an item if we don’t have it. Furthermore, we reserve the right to house whatever products we see fit on the sales floor. We also handpick each item for the sales floor and not everything that you bring in may be something we allow to be retained for sale.  

Q: How often can product be dropped off?

A: Product can be delivered as frequently as you desire; however, it may be possible that we only place items on the show floor in regular intervals. We do make every attempt possible to get them through the check-in process in a timely manner. The volume of items at any given time varies and plays a huge roll in the processing times.

Q: What makes your shop different from every other consignment shop or mercantile in the area?

A: Based on the background and knowledge of the shop owners we pass along our resources to you; from design to material costing. Showcasing with us is about a relationship not a profit. We don’t promise to be experts, but we always promise to listen and work hard!